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It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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  The computerisation program of the Chief Surveyor-General delivered a computerised map of all land parcels and administrative boundaries in South Africa, which shows the relationship of every piece of land to those adjoining it.

In addition other surveyed real rights, such as servitudes and leases, are also included in this map. This electronic map, which consists of 7 million land parcels, was compiled by dedicated staff and consultants in the incredibly short time of 14 months. It has been used extensively by the Independent Electoral Commission for the 1999 election and by Statistics South Africa for demarcating enumerator areas for census purposes.

It is in great demand and is used for a large variety of applications. It is a data set which is crucial for spatial planning purposes e.g. in the fields of housing, health [clinics] education [schools], water, electricity and post and telecommunications.

This electronic map also plays a very important role in the Redistribution and Restitution processes of the department. Data of these processes and information of land owned by the state can now be electronically linked to land parcels. Apart from the management tool that is created, it also facilitates easy map production of land claims, redistribution and disposal of State Land.

This map is continuously upgraded and new approved surveys for registration in the Deeds Offices are added on a daily basis.

  This data can also be vied on the website of the Chief Surveyor-General. A viewer is provided free of charge and can be downloaded by anyone that wants to view this data. Linking this electronic map to other intelligent data sets can create a very powerful analysis tool.

The Chief Surveyor-General has also completed the conversion of all its diagrams of surveys, township plans [general plans] as well as all sectional title plans into digital format. This was another massive task that consisted of the scanning of 2 million diagrams, 36,000 township plans comprising 108,000 sheets and 25,000 sectional title plans with 125,000 sheets into raster format.

The clients of the Chief Surveyor-General can now be provided with a much better service and quicker turn-around time. This development has also opened up a completely new way of information delivery via the e-mail or the Internet.

The Chief Surveyor-General is also developing various computer software modules to capture data in the offices of the Surveyors General to automate former slow paper processes and to provide powerful management tools for better service delivery to its clients and the people of South Africa.