There are 2 ways to search for scanned images.

1.        On the SG Number               (Search on Document No)

2.        On the property description         (Search on Town / Region / Farm Name)


  1. Looking up on the SG number (document number) is very simple –
    1. Choose the relevant SG office and
    2. Under “Enter Key (Exact Syntax)”, enter the document number as it appears on the referencing document – for example:

                                                               i.      A123/2005 –

                                                              ii.      or in the case of a compilation: JRNQ123 or JR1A12C (Upper case, no spaces or dashes or slashes)

    1. Click on Search.


  1. Looking up a property on the description is done as follows:
    1. Choose the relevant SG office
    2. Choose Rural or Urban
    3. Fill in the information as indicated below:



To look up:



A farm (Rural)

An erf (Urban)

Indicated on Web


Portion 12 of the farm 304-JR

Portion 2 of erf 500 Pretoria

Enter Town/Region Name

Region code / Township Name


Pretoria (Only a part of the name have to be entered.  Not case sensitive.)

Enter Parcel Number

Land parcel - Erf / Lot / Stand number



Enter Portion




Enter Farm Name (Optional)

Farm Name. This is only used when the other information is not available



    1. Click on Search
    2. Click on the Action button (If there are more than one result, choose the correct one here.)
    3. The next page will give you a document no, page no, document type and a real name:
    4. Click on the link under REAL NAME
    5. Save the file to disk (recommended) or view it directly.