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It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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Disclaimer for Cadastral Data on the Web

Spatial Data

This dataset must be viewed as a beta version of the Cadastral Spatial Data. The dataset represents the data as surveyed and not as registered in a deeds office. The data is not current at this stage, and a full quality assurance and update still needs to be done on this dataset. The Topographical Data in the dataset serves only as a backdrop and will not necessarily match the cadastre. The servitude and leasehold data is incomplete.

The data was created using a variety of techniques, namely coordinate capture, digitizing of general plans, digitizing of compilations at scales varying from 1:1 000 to 1:25 000 and vectorization of raster images. Some of the urban data was created from datasets from local authorities and other outside agencies.

Coordinates derived from the spatial data cannot be considered to be the legal value.

Image Data

The dataset is not complete as some of the farm diagrams and sectional title plans must still be scanned.


The Chief Surveyor General cannot be held responsible for any omissions/errors in the data. All data is subject to State Copyright.