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It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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Bloemfontein: Surveyor-General Office

FreeScan Project (1996)

This project focused on the scanning of erf diagrams, general plans and sectional title plans. The project officially started on 5 September 1996 and ended on 27 October 1996. The project was undertaken in the Pretoria SG office as the Bloemfontein SG office did not have the necessary office space and equipment to conduct such a project. All documents were transported from the Bloemfontein office to the Pretoria office and returned to the Bloemfontein office after being indexed, scanned and quality controlled. This data was then imported into the Bloemfontein Informix tables for use by that office.

This project employed approximately 33 contractors (this number varied as the workload increased or decreased) for the project time-period. The contractors were divided into three time-slots for the project, namely:

  • Messengers, indexing and final quality control staff worked a full day shift i.e. 8.5 hours
  • Scanning and quality control staff worked a half day morning shift i.e. 6 hours
  • Scanning and quality control staff worked a half day afternoon shift i.e. 6 hours

These contractors were representative of the South African population in that at least two thirds are from previously disadvantaged communities.

The total project time for this project was 2 months.

Free-FarmScan Project (1998 - 1999)

This project focused on the scanning of farm diagrams. The project officially started in September 1998 and ended in January 1999 . The Bloemfontein office had enough of their own staff to complete the scanning and quality controlling of outstanding documents on their own. However, two contracting staff were required to photostat missing diagrams from the Deeds books.

This project thus employed two additional staff.

The total project time for this project was 5 months.

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