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It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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The Stateland Information System

In 1994, the then Chief Surveyor-General launched a project to identify all rural land parcels (farms) owned by the state (i.e. the South African government). This information was absolutely essential for the restitution and redistribution policies of the government.

The first continuous electronic map was thus compiled for the rural areas of South Africa from vectorized raster data of topographical maps and digitzed data from compilation sheets.

Data from the Registrar of Deeds and the Department of Public Works were used to establish what land belongs to the state. This data was linked to the spatial data (farm data) and queries and reports were developed. This Stateland Information System typically included reports showing which government department owns a particular piece of land and what areas of land are currently not being used for a particular purpose. This system also enabled the user to determine pieces of property that lie within a specified radiums of a built-up area - which were then considered for redistribution.

Although the accuracy of the spatial data was not acceptable in the cadastral sense, it did provide a powerful management tool to those dealing with state-owned land.

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