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It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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Project Cleansweep

The CIS Technical Committee have identified a number of processes that have to be undertaken to check and correct the spatial information currently used by the Surveyor General. One of these processes is that of Project Cleansweep.

Project Cleansweep has as its goal the Quality Assurance and Cleaning of the Miracle Spatial Data to provide a new version of Cadastral Spatial data.

The following steps have been identified as imperative to the success of Project Cleansweep.

This includes:

The design of the Oracle 8i Spatial Data Model, middleware and the automation of the process has already been done by our consultants - Ariel Technologies. Data from Project Broom and Project Miracle will be imported into Oracle 8i and AutoCAD Map will be used to manipulate the data.

A pilot project for Project Cleansweep was conducted in the Cape Town Surveyor Generals office. The pilot project included the testing of the software and the identifying of the processes of Project Cleansweep. The processes identified by the pilot project are listed below:

  1. Training
  2. Convert data from Access to Oracle
  3. Convert data from ReGIS to Oracle
  4. Spatial Data Manager - Reports
  5. Maintenance of Alpha and Spatial
  6. Locational Accuracy
  7. Identify missing data from Alpha and Spatial
  8. Capture missing data for Alpha and Spatial
  9. Correcting existing Alpha and Spatial data
  10. Adding of CIS attributes to Spatial
  11. Conversion to WGS84
  12. Transfer of correct and current data to MapGuide

The software has been modified according to the findings of this pilot project and the first process of training is underway.

Project Cleansweep has been scheduled to start during October 2000.

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